What’s in a Lens?



Our optical shop doesn’t only have an array of frame options, but lens options as well. These are some terms you may want to familiarize yourself with when selecting the perfect pair of glasses in order to determine the lenses that will best suit your needs.



  • Plastic Lens – Lighter than glass and can be tinted
  • High-Index Lens – Creates thinner, lighter weight and flatter lenses. Available in various degrees depending on your glasses prescription
  • Shatter Resistant Lens – Polycarbonate/Trivex lenses are ideal for children and active adults


  • Single Vision – Lens for either distance or near correction.
  • No-Line Progressive – Natural and effortless vision, these lenses seamlessly correct distance, intermediate and near vision
  • Bifocal – Corrects far and near vision with a visible line
  • Trifocal – Corrects far, intermediate and near vision with two visible lines
  • Computer lens – Mid-range correction to help see your computer better while reducing eye strain
  • Eyezen – Reduces glare and eyestrain from digital devices.


  •  Scratch Resistant – Protects lens from scratches
  •  UV protection – Filters harmful UV radiation
  •  Anti-Reflective – Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue while letting people see your eyes, not a reflection
    • Prevencia– Protects the eye from harmful short wave length blue light given off by digital devices and indoor lighting

Sun Lenses

  •   Custom Clip On – Available for all frames
  •   Tinted Lenses – Variety of colors and gradations
  •   Polarized lenses – Best option to eliminate glare
  •   Photocromatic lenses – Changes from dark to light