Vision Shaping Treatment/OrthoKeratology

Are you sick of wearing glasses?

Vision Shaping Treatment is an innovative process that uses customized shaping lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision while you’re awake. It’s a safe, gentle vision correction option. It produces amazing results: most patients see clearly without glasses or contacts, all day long.




How it works:

VST® process effectively treats nearsightedness and mild astigmatism. Vision Shaping Treatment is a process, you work in close partnership with your doctors here at Visionary Eye Associates. We will prescribe shaping lenses that are custom-fitted to the specific contour of your eyes. Every night, these shaping lenses gently reshape your eye to correct your vision while you sleep. They correct nearsightedness by reshaping the surface of the eye so that light focuses properly on the retina, instead of in front of it. In the morning, you take your shaping lenses out and see clearly and crisply all day long.


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