Contact Lenses

Our professionals can help fit you with a pair of lenses

that is just right for you!


We are experts in soft and rigid as well as custom designs; and can handle the most specialized needs and difficult prescriptions.  If you suffer from allergies or dry eyes, you understand how annoying these conditions can be to maintaining comfortable contact lens wear. In the past, many people had to quit wearing their lenses during challenging periods such as the coldest winter months or allergy season. However, new lens materials, vastly improved lubricating drops and allergy eye medications have made it possible to eliminate the burning itchy eyes associated with these conditions. Many of our patients affected by these chronic issues have experienced relief and the joy of resuming regular lens wear despite their problems.



For those patients who wear contact lenses, there are additional questions, diagnostic testing and calculations that need to be performed along with your periodic comprehensive eye examination. A more detailed evaluation of the cornea (front surface of the eye) and the inside of both upper and lower eyelids is required at every visit to check for allergic or wear-induced medical issues. Careful monitoring of the performance of the contact lens is critical in reducing the risk of lens related complications including decrease in available oxygen, dryness, wear intolerance or even more serious events such as abrasions, infections and corneal ulceration. At each routine exam, we also review wearing schedules, cleaning and disinfection products and procedures as well as discuss new products that have entered the market.

A contact lens prescription is not the same as a prescription for eyeglasses. As an FDA, Class 3 medical device, a contact lens prescription is valid for 12 months and must include all pertinent information such as the manufacturer, plastic material, as well as the numerical information to ensure exact fitting curves, overall diameter and power configurations across the surface of the contact lenses. Modification of these parameters may prove beneficial even within the same brand name product year to year.

In the past, our practice has absorbed the cost of the additional chair time and expertise the contact lens patient requires with our Doctors, Technicians and/or Contact Lens Specialists during their routine eye examination. However, due to the rising cost of operations and the decreasing reimbursement by insurance companies, this is no longer possible.

Accordingly, we find it necessary to assess a modest $25.00 fee, in addition to your co-pay/ deductible or regular exam fees for patients who wear contact lenses. This fee will be charged whether you intend to order contact lenses today and/or wish to have a valid contact lens Rx for the next year. A current contact lens Rx is required by law in order for you to purchase lenses at your convenience by calling our office, ordering online through our webpage or other sources. Ordering though our office will assure you receive the correct US FDA approved product, utilized all available insurance benefits, maximize available manufacturer’s rebates and our very competitive prices!