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Visionary Eye Associates are a compassionate team of highly trained individuals whose goal is to help our patients see the world at its very best.

Visionary Eye Associates are in the business of helping our patient family manage their health and well being as seen through their eyes.

Visionary Eye Associates serve the varied needs of a diverse population. The patients who most appreciate our capabilities are young families, patients with challenging visual needs and maturing eyes.

Visionary Eye Associates deliver friendly comprehensive eye care, utilizing the latest technology to satisfy even the most complex visual requirements with a conscientious well trained team to help our patients see their best. What’s more, we take the extra steps to better our community through outreach programs to help the less fortunate.

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New! Vision Shaping Treatment

Are you sick of wearing glasses or contacts?Vision Shaping Treatment is an innovative process that uses customized shaping lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision while you’re awake.It’s a safe, gentle vision correction option. And it produces amazing results: most patients see clearly without glasses or contacts, all day long.


Ask our Patients:

“I would say the one thing that stands out about Visionary as a whole is that they really work together.They try their best to meet the patients’ needs.Everybody there is friendly and welcoming… they knew me by name.And really all of them together wanted to see me experience more comfortable eyes.”

Sarah from Webster, NY

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